KYC Documents Required

Dear Client,

To apply for the Free Payment Gateway, Please open a support ticket from your client area with your details and upload the following documents.

What documents are required to submit KYC?

Most individuals and business organizations need only two kinds of documents:

  • PAN card

    • Your (individual) or business (organization) PAN card.
    • Sample:PAN-card-sample.gif
  • Proof of bank account

    • Front page of Recent Bank Statement
    • Front page of Bank Passbook
    • Front page of Chequebook
    • Sample:bank-statement-example.png

For proof of bank account, the uploaded document must clearly display the following information:

  • Account holder name.
  • Account number.
  • IFSC code.
  • Address.

For some business categories, additional documents are required, for example:

  • Proprietors: Proprietorship Registration Certificate.
  • KYC for NGOs : You can collect donations online. The KYC process to collect donations differs slightly. We require digital copies of two additional documents to complete your KYC. 1. Audited Balance Sheet 2. NGO Registration Certificate 3. Our compliance team will reach out to you soon after you submit your KYC for these. If you’re looking to collect international donations for your organization, please keep these documents handy too: 1. FCRA Certification 2. A Bank document of the FCRA account that can be any of the following: A recent Bank Statement or Chequebook front / Passbook front page.
  • Financial Advisors: Investment Advisor Certificate.

In case your business requires additional documents, we will contact you on the registered email address.

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